Our company is based in Magdeburg – Germany and got a lot of experience in gold business. We have been working with many companies from different countries of Africa already.

We are buying/searching raw gold, in the form of bars or nuggets. If possibly, the purity of the gold should not be less than 90%.

We recommend the delivery by the seller or his representative, with the gold in the hand luggage. Depending on the airline, up to 30kg can transported. Recommended pack sizes range from 10 to 15kg. Deliveries in larger quantities (e.g. 50 or 100kg) by airfreight are, from our experience, not possible with forwarding agencies from Africa.

We are buying based on the CIF European airport.

We do not participate in the charges, taxes etc. that result in the exporting country.

The price is negotiable and based on the current LBMA price.

We pick up the sales man or representative with the gold from the airport.

The delivery has to occur via an adjacent EU country (e.g. the Netherlands), because of reasons regarding the taxes (EUST). We handle the import and ensure a fast processing until the payment.

The billing is based on the Final Assay Report of our refinery and the pure gold weight (99.99%) determined.

The seller or representative remains as our guest in a hotel in Magdeburg until the payment of the gold.

If you are interested to do business with our company please send a Full Cooperate Offer first, included the following details:

Commodity Aurum Uallum (AU)
Product form Dore bars or nuggets
Product purity %
Product fineness Carats
Products quantity for sale Kilograms per month / year
Product origin Country
Product packing Suitable packing used in trade
Price Price per kilogramm ($) included fees and taxes of the seller country
Pricebasic CIF Amsterdam / Schiphol / Netherlands

Please send your message to our email-address: import@deutschesgoldkontor.de